Our family’s passion is farming organically.

Ribatejo, Portugal’s countryside heartland, has been our home for over 200 years. Our core values are responsible sourcing, natural farming and sustainable packaging.

Agriculture has grown modern, mechanic and sophisticated, and so did Quinta da Cartaxa. Our operations were re-invented to adapt to state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and methodologies.

The key business units at Quinta da Cartaxa are growing vineyards, olive groves, making Portuguese homemade marmalade and breeding pure Lusitano horses.

Our vineyards and olive groves benefit from the uniqueness of Ribatejo’s hillside terroir.

Our Portuguese homemade marmalade flavor is enhanced by the fresh notes of our home grown quince.

The Lusitano purebred is the oldest saddle horse in the world. A “hot blooded” horse similar to the Arab and the English purebred is however internationally recognised for its bravery, beauty and nobility. The Lusitano horse was named after the ancient Roman name for Portugal: “Lusitania”